Interview with Alberto Fernández García, CEO of the Altavista Group: «When buying a property as an investment, you have to look for profitability, revaluation and rescue»

Currently, a lot of new construction is being built in Andorra. What are the most important factors for buyers when choosing the best promotion for their needs?

It is essential to know the buyer's objective, if you are looking for a home as an investment, you want them to be your habitual resident or both at the same time. When looking for a real estate development in Andorra as a regular resident, I would highlight three axes: location, qualities and facilities.

The ubication: Here we can look for locations in nature, in the city center, near services or at the foot of the slopes (a fundamental point for residents in Andorra), among others.

The qualities: We all want to live in a home made with high quality materials and we must pay attention to the finishes of the promotion. Very particularly to the energy efficiency of the home.

Facilities: Review what the promotion offers us, far beyond a good home: parking, gym, SPA, common areas with gardens...

If the buyer is looking for a real estate development as an investment, it is important to look for the three R's:

Cost effectiveness: That the property obtains optimal profitability.

Revaluation: That the property revalues annually. To achieve this, we must get the location right, a sure value: a home at the foot of the slopes.

Rescue: If we need to sell the property, the sale can be a quick process.

The new works have different degrees of quality and finishes. How can we detect that a new work is truly luxury?

The luxury category in a home goes far beyond the qualities and finishes. It is essential that the property has facilities such as a spa, gym or common areas with gardens. On the other hand, the home must have natural light and have a good location. We cannot forget about energy efficiency, essential for comfort in a home and which cannot be missing in a luxury home.

More and more people are fleeing big cities and opting for an environment closer to nature. What does living close to nature provide?

A higher quality of life in every sense: more tranquility, better air quality, more space, more natural light... factors that anyone wants in their life.

On the other hand, right now we find ourselves in the situation that we can live in nature without giving up all the facilities. There are great real estate developments in the mountains from which you can access an urban center in a short car ride.

Arbres del Tarter is a promotion specially designed for lovers of nature and sports, especially skiing. How is this promotion equipped?

The location of our Arbres El Tarter development is very unique and exclusive in Andorra. Indeed, the urbanization is located at the foot of the slopes, offering a unique enclave to live and the ease of being skiing in just a few minutes.

But it is not a promotion only designed for snow sports, it is also perfect for any mountain sport and activity. Its location is very versatile and we find hiking or mountain bike routes right next door.

All the homes in the development have parking boxes, which makes it easy to store everything you need to do any sport. And for snow sports, we will have a ski boot dryer and an organizer inside each box to hang skis and poles.

What are the advantages of living in an urbanization compared to living in another type of complex?

In particular, I would highlight the facilities that we find in an urbanization: gym, common areas, swimming pool, spa... Something that, undoubtedly, provides a lot of value to those who live in an urbanization. Furthermore, on the other hand, they offer greater privacy and more tranquility, without giving up the essential services that are relatively close.

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