The AEF will be held on November 9 and 10 and tickets will go on sale in July

Helena de Torres, coordinator from the AEF event and communications director of Abast

What is the Andorra Economic Forum AEF? 

The Andorra Economic Forum AEF is an international meeting on economics, business and entrepreneurship that is held annually in Andorra. At Abast and Racks Labs we wanted to organize an annual event of high added value for the entire entrepreneurial community of Andorra and Spain, so that they could enjoy a social and training event with leaders in the economy and finance sector. 

In its first edition, it brought together 900 attendees and sold out in a few days, making it the largest congress ever held in the Principality. Among others, the event featured the participation of Daniel Lacalle, Manuel Llamas, Pablo Gil and Rubén Manso. This year the event will be held on November 9 and 10 at the Andorra la Vella Congress Center, the same venue as the previous edition, and will feature prestigious speakers from the fields of economics, finance and entrepreneurship. 


What's new for the second edition? 

First of all, we have extended the days of the event, going from Saturday to Saturday and Sunday. We believe that having a longer period of holding the event can enrich the attendee, since they will have greater opportunities for networking and will also be able to enjoy their experience in Andorra more. 

On the other hand, we have lengthened the time of the tables and reduced the number of speakers, so that each one can have more time to express their points of view. We believe that the quality of the interventions is essential to meet the expectations of all attendees who will repeat in the new edition, which is why we wanted to extend the participation time of the speakers. 


What topics will be covered at the event? Will some of the speakers repeat? 

Some of the themes will be repeated compared to last year, such as the economy and entrepreneurship, since they are the essence of the event. However, we will change some of the other themes to make way for more current ones and we will introduce new tables, such as a table on real estate. Some of the speakers will return to the AEF, although we have listened to the feedback from attendees and we will incorporate some of the most requested profiles into the lineup. 


Where and when can I buy tickets? 

Tickets will go on sale at official website of the event During the month of July. We will present more details in the coming weeks, but we can announce that there will be three types of tickets: the standard ticket, the gold ticket and the diamond ticket.  

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