BC MoraBanc Andorra awards the Abast Scholarship

  • The player Eric Lucea and the players Anna Berenguer and Carla Puig have been selected to receive the scholarship, which will allow them to play the following season at no cost.
  • The Andorran firm Abast has chosen the three members of the cadet category who have best represented the company's values this year, such as teamwork, responsibility, persistence and involvement.

The Andorran group Abast today awarded the Abast Scholarship, which recognizes the players in the cadet category of the Basketball Club Andorra who have best represented their values. In this sense, the firm has awarded the player Eric Lucea and the players Anna Berenguer and Carla Puig, who throughout the season have stood out for their values and for their dedication and involvement in the good of the team and the club.
Abast is a sponsor of the entire Cadet category of the BC MoraBanc Andorra base, of which the three winners are part, who have also been coaches of lower categories of the base. In this way, the firm rewards the players' capacity for effort and teamwork, values that are also aligned with those of the company.

“Since our beginnings we have been committed to promoting young Andorran talent as the driving force of our CSR policy.””explains Marc Urgell, managing partner of Abast. “As a young company that we are, our commitment to the new generations of the country is firm. With the creation of this scholarship we want to accompany the players and continue reinforcing the values that represent us.”
The scholarship is valued at more than €400 for each of the winners and represents the full payment of the annual fee for the following season. In this way, the firm guarantees the continuity of the players thanks to the scholarship, which is expected to continue in the coming years.

“For the club, having companies from the country that support our base is essential. With actions like the Abast Scholarship we can reinforce the values that emerge from collective sports and thus have a positive impact on the entire society,” adds David Eudal, director of the BC MoraBanc Andorra base.

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