Interview with Victor Domínguez: "The Andorra Economic Forum AEF is more than a unique event, it is a unique experience"

The Andorra Economic Forum AEF is more than a unique event, it is a unique experience

What is the Andorra Economic Forum AEF and what is its proposal?

The Andorra Economic Forum AEF is the event of the year in Andorra in terms of economy, business and innovation. We have the largest venue in the country, the Andorra la Vella Congress Center, with a capacity of 900 people. In addition, the content of the talks, with top-level speakers, will be exclusive for the attendees, since it will not be broadcast either in streaming or afterwards.

Events like this allow the creation of a space for reflection and conclusions of high added value between speakers and also with the attendees, thanks to networking. In addition, we also want to give it a more relaxed point, with a meeting after the event so that attendees can interact and share their projects.

What is the event?

This meeting is structured around a single program, with four thematic round tables made up of experts with complementary visions. The four tables are entrepreneurship, innovation and blockchain, economics and a surprise table and, after these, the event will end with a presentation by the prestigious economist Daniel Lacalle.

Who will participate in each panel?

Our vocation has been to create tables with complementary points of view: a more traditional or institutional vision, successful entrepreneurs, technical specialists in the field of innovation... We have also wanted to give visibility to successful Andorran projects and bring the country to international businessmen, so that they become familiar with the Andorran entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What speakers are confirmed for the event?

Among the profiles of more traditional sectors we find Alex Fusté (Chief Economist of Andbank), Javier Blázquez (partner of Baker McKenzie) and Adrián Peribáñez (Chief Innovation Officer of Andbank). As for entrepreneurship, we have Sergi Benet, Co-founder of Meller and or Álvaro González from Buitrago Burgoa, CEO of the e-sports team Team Queso.

What will be the highlight of the event?

The Andorra Economic Forum AEF is not just a unique event, it is a unique experience. It is not only about listening to the perspective and experience of leaders in the sector, but about the speakers being able to make contacts of their interest and live an unforgettable experience in the country.

We will promote networking in spaces dedicated to it during the congress and we will organize complementary activities to offer meeting points for attendees. Making contacts with high added value in spaces such as the AEF can be vital for the entrepreneurs of the future, so we hope that synergies and new projects will be created among those attending the event.

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