The Andorra Economic Forum AEF fills Andorra with international businessmen and entrepreneurs

The Andorra Economic Forum AEF fills Andorra with international businessmen and entrepreneurs

  • With almost a thousand attendees in the venue, the event had an 80% of international audiences, coming mainly from Spain
  • The content of the presentations and tables, the possibility of networking and complementary activities have been the most valued aspects

The Andorra Economic Forum AEF, the international event on economics and business organized by the Andorran firm Abast and the technology consultancy Racks, has brought together almost a thousand attendees in the Principality, an unprecedented event in the history of the country. With an 80% international audience, mainly from Spain, this conference has brought together leading voices in various sectors as speakers and many entrepreneurs and businessmen as attendees.

The meeting was held alternating the informative content of the speakers with spaces for networking between attendees, as well as their own space networking for speakers, sponsors and attendees with VIP tickets. This first edition has achieved exceptional results thanks to the quality of the speakers, the unbeatable reception from the public and the support of local and international sponsors.

In this sense, the content shared during the tables and conferences, the networking during and after the event (also carried out through activities such as a night meeting at the Gran Casino de Andorra) and the organization have been the aspects best considered by the attendees , who in general have given a very positive assessment of the meeting.

“When we came up with this event three months ago, we did not even remotely expect the positive impact and success it has achieved. It has been months of a lot of work, but the results are worth it. We will continue working on this format and in the coming months we will be able to provide more information about the next edition." explains Helena de Torres, event coordinator and communications director at Abast.

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